ENDORSEMENT: Jeff Sessions for Senate

We are proud to endorse Jeff Sessions to be the next U.S. Senator from Alabama. His political record is storied and beyond dispute. His victories for the American worker are many. The Republican Party must learn to put America first if it wants to survive and patriot Sessions is the man to teach them. Vote Sessions for Alabama and America First!

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is an Alabaman through and through. Born in Selma, Sessions proudly served in the Army Reserve, as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, Attorney General for Alabama and his home state’s U.S. Senator for 18 years. As a proud son for the great state of Alabama, Sessions loves his home’s heritage and history and is not afraid to buck the Mainstream Media and GOP Leadership to defend Alabama’s monuments and heritage. He has vocally defended our nation’s statues and will protect them with the full force of law when elected to the Senate. His runoff opponent, by contrast, has remained silent on the question of defending Alabama’s monuments and heritage, due largely to the fact that he is not a man of Alabama, but a wandering snake oil salesman and stooge of the establishment.

Speaking of the Senate, Sessions has always put America and the American worker first. The great Numbers USA organization credits then-Senator Sessions with singlehandedly defeating the 2013 amnesty for illegal aliens. He also helped defeat the 2007 Bush Amnesty. While Sessions was in the Trump Administration, he cracked down on sanctuary cities, fought to deport illegal alien criminals over the objections of #AmericaLast mayors and governors, fought to end asylum fraud and implemented the zero-tolerance policy for illegal aliens at our nation’s border, a spring from which many liberal tears flowed. These actions and others earned him the coveted endorsement of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Employees Union for his tireless pursuit of law and order and American sovereignty. His runoff opponent, by contrast, has held a spectrum of views on immigration policy throughout this election cycle and has refused to attend debates to clarify his beliefs, breaking his own promise to debate.

Most recently, Sessions has pushed for an end to foreign visa labor during the ongoing coronavirus crisis to help get Americans back to work. He further pushed to expand President Trump’s initial ban on visa labor, a change Trump ultimately enacted. Sessions has also called for China to be investigated and punished accordingly for their role in precipitating the global coronavirus pandemic. His runoff opponent, by contrast, has taken a soft line on China and has supported increasing the number of cheap foreign labor visas.

The glowing tenure of Senator Sessions cannot be fully described in any one article, but his consistent political philosophy can be summed up in two words: America First. This is easily seen as his full record, with decades of political statements openly available for examination and critique. Sessions himself invites a critical eye, describing his career as “the road less traveled,” but reminds voters that honor and integrity are some of his highest values. And, despite some questions about a few specific decisions Sessions has made in an administrative capacity, his voting record cannot be challenged. He is, without a doubt, the most conservative candidate in the race.

His runoff opponent, by contrast, has no record at all.

Jeff Sessions is the man we need in Washington