The Judge in the Arena

We all remember where we were that fateful day. I was in a coworker’s office, watching it on a small TV and tearing up when she couldn’t see me. Others were at bars or at home parked in front of their computers watching the livestream. You can likely recall even the mundane parts of the room you were in, the emotion of the broadcast searing every indelible moment into the neurons of your hippocampus. For forty-five minutes and the hours of questions that followed, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the freest man in America.

Following weeks of salacious whispers and outright slurs from elected Democrats and their unelected Democrat allies in the media, Judge Kavanaugh sat alone before the Senate Judiciary Committee to follow his accuser’s testimony and clear his name. This was no easy task given that even some conservative commentators were spreading word that his accuser had comported herself well enough to guarantee his defeat. The MSM and Swamp narrative leading up to the hearing was that it would be a battle of credibility, with the cold, aloof DC Circuit judge forced to prove himself more believable than a wounded and deeply sympathetic sexual assault victim. Surely, Judge Kavanaugh wouldn’t actually go through with the hearing! Surely, Judge Kavanaugh would prefer to withdraw quietly to his current judgeship! Surely, Judge Kavanaugh would take a page from Justice Clarence Thomas’ confirmation and play the defeated and resigned man! Oh, how the haters and losers were wrong! Judge Kavanaugh did not run or roll over or beg for forgiveness. Judge Kavanaugh stood up like a man to defend his name and his family and, becoming the embodiment of Trumpian rage against the Washington Swamp machine, inspired millions of Americans to push back against the Left.

Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony in defense of his reputation was a milestone in President Trump’s transformation of the Republican Party and its voters. President Trump fulfilled his promise to teach Republicans how to win by running and winning with the most unorthodox campaign in American history. It was a campaign free of unearned decorum for his opponents, free of useless ceremony and florid, focus-tested words. President Trump attacked his critics in the press and in Congress. It was a new form to total war and showed itself to be the perfect weapon to defeat the craziness of modern-day Leftism, and Judge Kavanaugh employed that same strategy in his defense to amazing effect.

The Democrats made this moment possible with their early unforced error of declaring their opposition to him the day he was named, and then opened a new front against Judge Kavanaugh when they tarred him as a rapist. They freed the good judge of any responsibility to scrape before the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee who were never going to vote for him no matter how meek he appeared. Unchained, Judge Kavanaugh slammed their tactics as partisan smear, blamed them for this low point in the Senate’s history, and dared them to attack him again because he had nothing left to lose and everything to gain. And that was the ultimate failure of the Dems: they made Judge Kavanaugh mad and forced him into a corner. Much like they have to the American people since 2007, the Dems assumed they could break the judge’s will to fight by using the Mainstream Media to make him the bad guy. And just like the American people got fed up with the Swamp in 2016 and elected President Trump, Judge Kavanaugh got fed up and decided to go on the offensive. The Dems expected to lock the judge in an interminable hearing where they could wound him further. Instead, they were locked in with him.

Americans everywhere were inspired by Judge Kavanaugh’s testimony in defense of his honor because he spoke in the way we wish we could to our elected officials and Leftist hacks. His disdain for his accusers and the Senate judiciary Dems was palpable, overflowing from his speech, facial expressions, and visceral rage. He glowered at Ranking Member Diane Feinstein. He tossed back the scurrilous claims of Senator Amy Klobachar. He smirked and memed Senator Whitehouse as the Rhode Islander interrogated the judge as to the meaning of high school slang for throwing up and farting. They were powerless before him. For the duration of his testimony, Judge Kavanaugh simultaneously flew above us and embodied us. He was every conservative student’s power fantasy, striking back at the Campus Witch Trials. He was every hardworking American, striking back at the sneering MSM elites. He was every honest man and woman who does their best to live their best and is sick and tired of hearing how they’re what’s wrong with America. He was the slayer of the Left’s acrimonious identity politics and he did it not by highlighting that which unites Left and Right, as some conservative intellectuals might prefer, but by planting his banner and declaring that he is unapologetically Brett Kavanaugh and that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

And Judge Kavanaugh’s glorious self-defense inspired more than just those downtrodden and deplorable Americans who got to watch him on TV. Like a speech from a Greek hero epic or Superman, his statements and emotions were so powerful that they turned Senator Lindsey Graham into the unlikely hero of the week. Also compelled to drop the Senate’s famous camera collegiality by the bottomless tactics of his Democrat colleagues, Senator Graham unleashed a fusillade of frank speech. He highlighted the crocodile tears of the Dems and their willingness to sit on accusations until the most politically opportune moment to torpedo the confirmation process. He went further and declared that the entire democrat song and dance was in the naked pursuit of power. He caught the Trump bug and made the Democrats pay for their unjust treatment of Judge Kavanaugh.

But Judge Kavanaugh did more than just stiffen the sinews and conjure up the blood of the MAGA voters and a few good senators…he changed the game. Preliminary polling across the 2018 battleground states suggests that Republican voter enthusiasm is now almost equal to Democrat enthusiasm, a bad sign for Blue Wave theorists. Moreover, polling also suggests that the political fortunes of Trump-state Senate Democrats now rest on their Kavanaugh vote. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, for example, recently learned that a YES vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s final confirmation would completely bury his Republican challenger’s chances while a NO vote would drag Manchin down into a virtual tie just weeks before November 6th. Now those Democrats must decide whether they will act in their own best interest and vote for confirmation at the risk of driving down Democrat turnout or vote against the confirmation and face the electoral consequences.

It is possible that Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony changed the course of the 2018 Midterm Elections. It is certain that, thanks to his bravery and ferocity, many of us are walking a little taller today.

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