Why the Wall

What is the wall? Nothing. What can it be? Everything

The fulfillment of President Donald Trump’s first campaign promise, to build the wall along the southern border of the United States, represents the apotheosis of Trump’s presidency, and yet is the first position that various fanboys give ground on when the administration faces resistance from the establishment. When, at rally after rally, candidate Trump pledged to #BuildTheWall, he not only laid out a vision of a frontier with Mexico “secured” through various means, he also promised his voters, through both innuendo and blatant exclamation, that he would oversee the construction of a 2,000-mile-long and 30-foot-tall steel and concrete fortification to keep the American people safe from foreign invasion. To break that first fundamental promise will herald the collapse of President Trump’s administration and perhaps become America’ terminal inflection point.

The form of the wall, all 2,000 big beautiful miles of it, is in many ways far more important than its actual function. And that’s not to suggest that a solid defense against Central American interdiction won’t bring us closer to stopping the flow of drugs and bad hombres into the American Southwest. The Great Wall of Trump will most certainly hamper the drug cartels’ ability to move large quantities of drugs and humans across the border. It will force far more tunnel projects than have been attempted previously and, despite what candidate-Governor Rick Perry of Texas says, the illegals won’t be besieging Texas with 40-foot-tall siege towers anytime soon. But more than just assisting US Customs and Border Patrol in their mission to achieve their moving target of “operational control,” the construction of such a vast barrier as President Trump has pledged to realize will be more akin to a national totem, broadcasting to the whole world that America has no further need of the planet’s low-skill laborers and big-government welfare sponges.

Day 1 of true wall construction will be heralded by 10,000 neo-hippie protesters and 10,000,000 Democrat screams. Wall construction is the turning off of the Democrat Third World voter fire hose and the first concerted effort since President Eisenhower to fix the problem of illegal immigration. It will force the party of balkanized grievance groups to actively argue against and actually hinder efforts to keep American children safe in their schools, keep drunk drivers off of the streets, end gang violence in America’s cities and disempower a Democrat Party that clearly hates average Americans. Will the wall be expensive, likely to jump its optimistic price tag of $25 billion and possibly exceed $50 billion? Yes. But both parties have abandoned the high ground of fiscal responsibility and a more expensive wall will justify maintenance costs going into the next century. Can Congress really not find $50 million a year in paint and concrete when it already spent 1,000 times that on construction?

And the concept of investment in the future is brought to the forefront when one considers that the Republican Party will not hold every branch of the federal government forever. Where 700 miles of fence and levees can be subverted through neglect, drones and cameras can be turned off, agents retasked and $1.6 billion in repairs can be mismanaged out of existence, the true wall is forever. After spending $50 billion and the better part of a decade constructing the monstrosity with American hands and American materials, the Democrats will never be able to tear it down! The wall will eclipse the desert for 100 years and show the rest of the world, once and for all, that borders are real and America is willing to defend hers.

The wall, the whole 2,000-mile-long and 30-foot-high wall, is nonnegotiable. We elected President Trump to build it because he promised he would. Anything less is for losers.