Another Final Battle

The Senate is set to create an amnesty bill this week, and the only thing that can stop this national suicide is the power of the engaged American voter with a phone.

Amnesty’s sword of Damocles has loomed over the American people for the better part of 6 months. Ever since President Trump’s announcement of his intention to rescind the previous administrations unconstitutional executive amnesty Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in early September, the agents and armies of the Swamp have been amassing and colluding to ram through another massive amnesty for illegal immigrants, which will likely end the country overnight.

We witnessed the initial actions of this #AmericaLast cabal when protesters occupied the House and Senate offices and Democrat representatives threatened discharge motions on the House floor to force a vote on a “clean DREAMer bill.” Just two weeks ago, this shadow war came to a head when Democrats in the US Senate, compelled by their intransigent non-citizen base, shut down the government by filibustering a stopgap spending bill simply because it didn’t include amnesty for 700,000 DACA illegals.

Thankfully for the American people, Republican leadership across both houses and the White House presented a united messaging front stating that the Dems were choosing illegals over soldiers, began turning 2018 generic ballot polling and forced the Democrats to accept scraps. The cost of their victory, however, was the promise that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) would allow one week’s worth of true debate on immigration in the Senate, one final chance to achieve the #AmericaLast caucus’ dream of “comprehensive immigration reform,” one final battle for the future of the United States as a country founded on the rule of law. And that final battle begins Monday.

The Republican victory last night with the two-year budget compromise, a masterstroke, permanently decoupled DACA amnesty from budget negotiations. #AmericaLast had originally planned on rolling green cards for 700,000 DACA illegals into a massive omnibus spending bill intended to fund the military and welfare; intended to be so vast that no voter could possibly know what’s in it and no member could vote against it without betraying some constituency.

The scope and stakes of the amnesty battle have also grown since President Trump’s DACA deal framework was released last week. The Democrat demands for a “permanent solution” for DACA originally included nothing more than permanent resident status for 700,000 DACA illegals and allowing their relatives to sign up for a DACA-like program. The president’s offer of amnesty-and-pathway-to-citizenship for a whopping 1.3 million DACA and DACA-eligible illegals (in exchange for $25b for the wall and many changes to current immigration law) moved the goalposts for #AmericaLast almost immediately. Naturally, Democrats on Monday will seek to extract this concession out of their Republican counterparts in the Senate.

It’s almost impossible to overstate the stakes of next week’s Senate floor debates. Beyond accelerating the already historic demographic shifts in the United States, 1.3 million more voters/volunteers for the Democrats, in key states like Texans and Florida, would flip the GOP’s bulwark and ace-in-the-hole into a new blue wall by the end of the decade. Moreover, there are enough #AmericaLast Republicans in that upper chamber to float any soft amnesties over to the US House on the wings of bipartisan agreement. The White House is likely to stick to its guns, at least initially, as far as border wall construction is concerned, but it will be hard for the president to veto a bill that offers a substantial sum, closer to $10-15b for unspecified “border security” or to hire more Border Patrol agents. Finally, any deal that has even the slight appearance of amnesty, especially if we don’t get a wall, will repel Republican voters in 2018. Already, Democrats hold a vast advantage in voter enthusiasm, exceeding GOP enthusiasm in 2010 per some reports, and Republicans will lose their tenuous majority in the US House if voters think the Republican unified government has caved on amnesty.

The battle will begin on Monday as the Senate takes up the blank House bill passed on Friday, which Majority Leader McConnell will allow to have an open amendment process. Not often seen in the last decade, the open amendment process is expected to take the whole week and allows every Senator to offer parts to the shell bill to make it more, or less likely to get the 60 votes needed to pass. This will make it difficult for engaged Americans to apply pressure to their elected representatives to oppose specific amnesty provisions as they come up for a vote. Moreover, it will make tracking the course of the bill’s development difficult for people who work for a living.

The path to victory, however, is clear. Just as in 2013, when the American people staved off destruction at the hands of the Gang of Eight amnesty for all bill, patriots from all corners of the country must rise, shut down the congressional phone switchboards and make it impossible for our representatives to work without hearing a phone ringing. We must remind our elected officials that they work for the American people and we have dreams, too. We must deliver the same refrain over and over and over again until our senators realize that we will not tolerate more lawlessness and more magnets for illegal immigration. The chant must be Never Amnesty! End DACA and Never Amnesty! Build the Wall, End DACA and Never Amnesty! Build the Wall, Deport Them All, End DACA and Never Amnesty! Never Amnesty! Never Amnesty! Never Amnesty!

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