Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer's Brash Patriotism

Updated: May 19, 2020

#MAGA Twitter personalities Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer were not in the wrong when they nonviolently and temporarily interrupted the mock assassination of our sitting president, contrary to what one might hear from the sanctimonious #NeverTrumpers and legacy Conservative media. Yes, they disrupted a lawful assembly by exercising a heckler's veto. And yes, the heckler’s veto is normally an abhorrent mob tactic almost always used by college Marxists to silence Conservative speakers. But, while they acted wrong, they were firmly in the right.

If the above mess was confusing, you're in the world of the Conservative Right, where legitimate speakers are shut down on Monday by Marxist mobs and are then expected to crease their khakis and stand up for the absolute right of Marxists to speak on Tuesday. It's not a comfortable place to be, trust me.

The Left felt comfortable hiding behind the rights provided by the Right's solo devotion to our constitution and America’s reverence for William Shakespeare. Moreover, they counted on the cucks to stay silent as the New York Valuers furiously masturbated to the Democratic Party's shared fantasy of a presidential assassination. But Jack and Laura shattered the Left's false sense of security by interrupting their gore porn with a little “turnabout is fair play.” Generally, I agree with the legacy Conservative media when they state that adopting the tactics of one's political enemies lowers the level of discourse overall. But Jack and Laura's situation was functionally different from Leftist protests by far, however, and their motivation is worth examining.

Quickly, on the charge that Jack and Laura simply don’t understand Shakespeare, it’s willfully ignorant to state that their protest was fueled by the content of Shakespeare’s original script. We all know that the Left made Caesar into Trump to cast their gore porn as legitimate, just as we all know that the theatre Marxists, much as they did throughout their wasted undergrad careers, wore the Bard's work like a severed face to inject their nihilistic worldview into the West's greatest stories.

The greater point to be examined is when nonviolent hooliganism in the sincere throes of patriotism should be allowed. After all, I thought that we on the Right understood that fellow citizens sometimes cannot contain their love of country or reverence for its institutions. When a veteran snatches an American flag away from masked Marxists to save Old Glory from the protest’s flames, did that veteran not commit theft? Legally, yes. But even the cuckiest of RINOs understands that the thief was overcome by a sincere feeling of duty and love. "Those who desecrate the flag have never been handed its folded form by a uniformed serviceman," right? So why, then, is the same forgiving exception not granted to Jack, a Navy veteran and Marxist assaultee whose Twitter is filled with loving words for President Trump?

Unlike a comedic facsimile or unflattering impression, the graphic portrayal of a sitting president's murder, no matter the venue or theatrical vehicle, assaults the dignity of the Constitution and the legitimacy of our elections. It is a symbolic desecration of the office and it challenges the basic assumption of democracy: that an elected official deserves to end his term lawfully by virtue of being fairly elected in the first place. In those ways, NYC’s gore porn is similar to a flag burning, and shares the burning’s objective of expressing one’s displeasure with whatever stupid crybaby issue the Marxist losers are complaining about today.

Jack and Laura's outburst, while not perhaps befitting the dignity of such august publications as the National Review Online or a verified Twitter account, is sprouted from a genuine love of country. (And we have no evidence to suggest otherwise.) It is not unreasonable to believe that Jack and Laura could no longer stand by and watch the Left stab a Trump actor while real-life Republicans were being targeted for death in their parks. Just as I can't, in good conscience, fault a veteran for rescuing our nation's flag from burning, I can't fault Jack and Laura for nonviolently interrupting the voyeuristic mock assassination of our constitutionally elected president, especially if they believed that it contributed to Leftist violence. And to reiterate, no property was destroyed and nobody was harmed or put on danger by their act.

Our constitution and our freedom from government tyranny are thanks to those men and women that stand up and act when America and its values are under attack. Such citizens often have a hair-trigger threshold for action and a clear, if not nuanced, understanding of right and wrong that informs their actions, but they are the brash guardians of our republic, the stock that birthed the Tea Party of 2010.

It’s disappointing that, by June 21st, it’s safe to assume that more words have been penned against Jack and Laura by “Conservatives” than against the Left’s Sedition in the Park. Nonviolent brashness in the cause of liberty is no vice and having a heart susceptible to love of country is the truest virtue. Such Americans used to be called patriots.