The Left, Outflanked

The Democratic Party has been empirically annihilated over the last eight years, and they’re not doing a good job of hiding it. The cycle of behavior exhibited by the American Left on an almost weekly basis, where every action by Republicans leads to hyperbolic rhetoric and some sort of national march, resembles that of an utterly surrounded and decapitated opponent. And why shouldn’t it? In just eight years, the Democratic Party elders watched their party slide from, at its height, total control of the federal government and half of America’s states to a tenuous position on the nation’s coasts and little more than a token presence in Washington, DC’s halls of power. The hard numbers are more devastating than the generalization: Democrats have lost 11 Senate seats, 62 House seats, 11 governors, and 18 statehouses to full Republican control. Now that’s change you can believe in.

So what’s next for America’s opposition party? The Democrats have two avenues of attack from which to strike, the tactical and the ideological, and they have already begun to fight back in the vacuum created by the lack of Republican congressional action.

On the tactical front, the Democrats, still leaderless in the wake of last year’s DNC email leaks, are currently using the remainder of President Obama’s federal bureaucracy to hinder President Trump’s agenda at every turn. Acting AG Sally Yates’ histrionics and the constant stream of leaks, either of classified conversations or “sources close to the administration” quotes, are just a taste of the guerilla war the Left will likely wage as the Trump Administration continues to get its cabinet in place and clean house. Much has been made, in recent weeks, of President Obama’s decision to remain in Washington following his peaceful transfer of power, with some outlets going so far as to dub his new house the “shadow government.” Such positioning by the former president would make it easier for him to coordinate bureaucratic sabotage and lobbying efforts against the Trump Administration than if he were in Honolulu or Nairobi. President Obama still holds great personal sway over his acolytes, and he should be regarded as the acting head of the Democratic Party until a new DNC stooge is elected.

On the ideological front, the Democrats seem a little more confused. In the capital, it’s obstruction as usual for elected Democrats, with the occasional lip service paid to their perpetually aggrieved constituents. The Democratic voters in blue bastions like California and Washington State, however, appear not to have gotten the message of calm resolve. Instead of focusing on the election fundamentals necessary to strike back in 2018, such as ground game and technological research, local Democratic leaders are confusing anger and outrage with enthusiasm to vote, and no doubt point to large street demonstrations as signs of their ideology’s resurgence. The Women’s’ March featured all sorts of wonderful Progressive luminaries, like Islamists and even a convicted murderer, and there was no shortage of foreign flags and peoples stopping traffic on the much-touted Day Without Immigrants! But there can be no resurgence for the cancerous ideology of Progressivism, now in sole command of the Democratic heart, because its tenants are anathema to the majority of Americans, as seen in 2016.

While the Democratic Party was busy seeking increasingly fringe groups to weld onto their Obama Coalition hulk, the Republican Party stole a march on their opponents and seized the Silent Majority right out from under the Party of Divide and Conquer. And that is how the Republicans can continue to win: do what the voters want! The Democrats are in a terminal state of disarray as President Trump’s popularity rebounds, abut foot-dragging Republicans are prepared to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with an amnesty deal or Obamacare “repair.” It’s up to the voters to keep our Republican government honest, with the price of making America great again being eternal vigilance.