Trump’s Inaugural: The Death of Taboo

President Donald J. Trump’s Inaugural Address was glorious not simply because it spoke directly to the American people, but because it violated every taboo found in the American Left’s speech code.

Last year’s presidential election revealed to the American people just how far the Left was willing to go to protect their sacred cow topics of political discourse. When then-candidate Trump referenced illegal immigrant rapists, the Left reacted like Germans defending the Rhine, heaping every slur upon Trump and holding nothing back. He was, in no time at all, branded a racist, fascist, xenophobic a-hole by all corners of our political spectrum. His crime? He spoke poorly of the Left’s most protected class: foreigners. According to this new generation of Victorian prudes, there are some truths that must remain unspoken, some taboos inviolable, in order to maintain a level of “decorum.”

It’s no coincidence that most of the Left’s off-limits policy positions are simultaneously popular with vast swathes of American voters and also natural Republican talking points. For decades, the Left and the Main (Lame) Stream Media have kept the Right’s most valuable policies under lock-and-key. To them, these debates were too polarizing for the unwashed masses of America to hear, lest they be roused from their reclining chairs and televised sporting events to actually vote. And they were right. In addition to seizing on the surprisingly beloved ideas of building a border wall and enforcing our nation’s immigration laws already on the books, Trump the candidate thrilled Republican voters further by stating his desire to knock the hell out of ISIS, his lack of moral qualms over waterboarding terrorists, and pledge to put America first. Like cold water to Americans, these refreshing positions catapulted Trump into Cleveland and remained his rallying cries through the general election contest. President Trump wrote the manual on defeating the modern Left’s political machine: march to the patriotic right until everyone is firing at you, and then hunker down. However, there is a greater imperative to smashing all of the Left’s speech taboos than simply defeating Hillary Clinton.

Our nation’s most dire structural problems are protected behind the speech codes and taboos of the Left and MSM. With our national debt approaching $20 trillion and no plans on the table to reduce its ballooning growth, any proposal to scale back legacy and New-Deal-era entitlement programs is met with scorn from all sides and videos of Speaker Paul Ryan throwing granny over the cliff. With porous national boundaries and millions of visa overstays, voicing a desire to secure our borders and enforce our nation’s laws is countered with solidarity marches and character-impugning slurs. With our Global War on Terrorism now old enough to drive, our country is still rocked by terror attacks and lulled back to sleep by our enemies’ vociferous apologists and their war cry, “Diversity is strength!” The Left and MSM are prepared to die ((literally) on every one of these hills, and we should oblige them (metaphorically).

Winning is fun, and beating the Clinton machine is approaching hedonistic, but the greatest battles are yet to be fought. President Trump’s first address to the nation as our sworn-in chief executive carried his taboo-busting campaign speech into the heart of Washington, DC, and that terrified our elites. For the first time in recent memory, a candidate was not cowed into softening his rhetoric by the white pillars and grey hairs of the District. Instead of going along to get along, President Trump showed the Left that none of their taboos were safe, and the nation is better for it. His presidency has created our chance to start to address the greatest threats to our nation’s survival, free of the MSM’s sneers and the Left’s obstructions, and we would be criminally irresponsible not to seize it.

The MSM was sad that President Trumps elected to forgo “gratitude” in his address. As a Conservative, Republican, and Trump voter, President Trump can show his gratitude to me best by following through on his most divisive campaign promises as quickly as possible. As for the Left and his detractors, he owes them nothing except, perhaps, another inaugural speech.

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